Casey Anthony, the young Florida woman who was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee in a widely-watched trial last month, might have to return to Orlando in a case related to a previous check fraud conviction.

The Associated Press reported that Anthony (whose whereabouts since she was freed from prison have been a mystery) might have to turn herself in to a probation officer within three days.

Circuit Judge Stan Strickland, who sentenced Anthony for check fraud last year, signed a "corrected" version of the probation order under which she was required to begin a one-year term after her release from jail, not while she was detained awaiting her murder trial.

Strickland put in the phrases "the defendant is to report to probation upon release" for each of the seven counts of check-fraud that Anthony pled guilty to last January.

Anthony reportedly used checks that she had stolen from a friend.

The revised order will probably be challenged by her attorneys.

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Corrections is reportedly negotiating with Anthony’s attorneys to set up her first meeting with a probation officer

"We're working now on that first reporting visit now," said department spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger.

Under terms of probation, Anthony will be subject to many restrictions: she can’t own a firearm without her probation officer's consent; she can’t get drunk; she cannot go anywhere where illegal drugs are being used and she will have to take regular drug tests.