, Microsoft's search engine, has given some idea of how history will recollect the year 2011 when it comes to events and news stories. has released top 10 of most searched news of the year 2011, based on the aggregation of billions of search queries.

Though the scale of search is small compared to Google, Bing's search survey gives us a glimpse of what people would be searching for on Google or Yahoo.

So according to Bing survey, what was the most searched keyword?

Surprise, surprise - it is Casey Anthony's trial. The trial of the twenty-something mom who was accused of killing her 2-year old daughter Caylee and leading the police on a wild goose chase, ranked as the No.1 news story, upstaging even the news of Osama bin Laden's death even though it was connected to many 9/11 victims emotionally (No.2).

Casey, the young Florida mother, was charged with and then acquitted of, her daughter's murder and drew a lot of attention from people and her trial was extensively covered by the media nationwide.

So some people may even question about Bing's survey and wonder why Casey Anthony case has made people search and search. Of course, Casey's trial had media slobbering all over it but the trial was itself interesting in the sense that even as the prosecutors tried to portray Casey as a monster mom, one who chloroformed Caylee and dumped her body in the car (and later in the woods) to rot, the defense lawyers suggested that she was the hapless victim of sexual abuse from her father and her child had died accidentally.

The defense lawyers had the last laugh as the prosecutors could not prove Casey's guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Even now, the facts of the case are not clear but the shocking acquittal of Casey Anthony still seems to be drawing people's attention. Perhaps some people are more interested in the mental and emotional status of Casey and must be wondering how she is coping with all the media glare.

Rest of the top 8 most-searched stories include Hurricane Irene (No.3) and Earthquake in Japan (No.4). And notably, pop sensation Justin Bieber was the most searched people of year 2011.

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