Casey Anthony was acquitted of first-degree murder charge, and walked out jail as a free woman on Sunday. While speculations abount, what awaits Anthony in her fuutre is in mystery. Is she headed to Ohio? After spending the $537.68 from her jail account, will she safely find a job? Will she write books or show up on TV shows to cash in from her stories? Will she dive into new romances? Will she change her name and appearance, so she won't live the rest of her life as the most hated woman of America?

At this moment, we don't know the answers to above questions. Time will tell, and the life ahead of Casey Anthony may be well determined by how the society reacts to her next move.

But, if she does decide to remake her life, will you ever forgive her?

Granted, Casey Anthony was a party girl. She may have hooked up with random guys and that may played a role in her single-mothering of Caylee. And as she raised Caylee, she still partied. However, is this a habit so extraordinary that Anthony alone is blamed for not taking responsibility over the toddler, or her own life? Is the society innocent enough to discourage her from such behaviors? Anthony's parents George and Cindy Anthony, who have lost their granddaughter, and in some way, their daughter as well, are possibly suffering from a great deal of regret and remorse, for not taking care of the young lives more thoroughly and watchfully. George Anthony's attempt to kill himself after Caylee's death was an obvious expression of his suffering and, rightfully or not, regret over the overly unprotected innocent life.

Perhaps your life is not as sick as Anthony's. And your family not as distorted as hers. Let's say your personal standard of justice can be more trustable than the jurors of Casey Anthony's trial, if there is any way to measure it. However, does that make this nation innocent of Caylee's blood? Is what we should fear another Casey Anthony's acquittal, or another Caylee Anthony?

Instead of fueling anger toward Casey Anthony without reflecting on our own lives that may have overlooked a Casey Anthony among our friends and relatives, we may have better things to do.

A question was cast by Father Anastasios Gounaris of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Indianapolis in an Indystar report,

How many are concerned with healing the myriad Caseys of the world -- products of loneliness, neglect, poverty, lack of education and other human cruelty? He continues, side from being accused of a heinous crime, the scariest thing about Casey Anthony is that she appears average. She could be your sister, girlfriend or classmate

If we so deeply sympathize with the unnecessary death of Caylee Anthony, could we also, looking beyond the tragedy, be more active in preventing another Caylee from dying?

Caylee's Law, a petition for a law that will make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing within 24 hours, has been one example of positive and constructive ways to direct the anger and regret for Caylee's death.

Over 1.2 million people have signed the petition, and 19 states have introduced the law so far.

George Anthony has also joined this campaign, commenting, This is a great legacy for my granddaughter. Other children still need assistance.

Caylee Anthony's death was and continues to be deeply mourned over. But how about Casey Anthony's life that is now cursed and murdered in many people's hearts? Even if it was Anthony herself that destroyed her daughter's and her own life, the baby killer label we stamped on the 25-year-old woman will most likely force her to hide and disguise her identity for the rest of her life.

Is that how you want Casey Anthony to pay the price? Or would it be a bitterer, and better, treatment if she could live as she is, carrying the weight of her own guilt, whatever that may be in her own heart, and be given the chance to realign her life to one that contributes to the society? For that to be possible, you and I will need to find forgiveness in our hearts for Casey Anthony.

How Casey Anthony reacts to that forgiveness is, honestly, out of our control, just as how she reacts to the public outrage and condemnation is never known.

If Anthony does admit her wrong behavior and determines to turn her life around, will you need to watch every step of her suffering and struggle in a society which has already sentenced a silent death sentence for Casey Anthony, solely based on what we think she's done in the past?

The truths about Caylee Anthony's death have become mystery. Even if Casey Anthony decides to speak up, her notorious records of lies will discredit anything that comes out of her mouth.

Then, the only way for the nation's wounds to be healed and disturbed hearts to be comforted would be to know that Casey Anthony is remaking her life, away from her old friends who did not even stand for Casey during the trial.

For Anthony to remake her life in true freedom, she will need to find comfort, encouragement, and assurance that if she sincerely live a better life, the society will welcome her back.

Justice for Caylee was wished the most in Casey Anthony's murder trial.

The justice system is destined to prevent, punish and rehabilitate, said Patrick Wanis in a CNN blog post.

Now that the nation seems to have failed to prevent and punish the horrible act in this particular case, the justice for Caylee left for us to do is to rehabilitate.

And only through forgiveness and constructive struggles to improve the system, peoples and communities, can this nation prevent the future tragedies, not letting Caylee Anthony's death end in vain.

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