A Florida Judge has ordered Casey Anthony to return to Orlando within two weeks in order to serve a year's probation for check fraud on Friday.

Anthony has been out of the public eye since her acquittal of the murder charges of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, last month.

After her release from the prison, no one had her whereabouts. She was recently spotted in Ohio shopping and trying to blend in with the crowd wearing an Ohio state university baseball cap.

Her acquittal had made many people angry, who had been following the case very closely. Even death threats were made against Anthony.

"Ms. Anthony must follow an order issued by another judge and report to a probation officer in Orange County by Aug. 26," Associated Press quoted Judge Belvin Perry as saying.

In January 2010, Judge Stan Strickland had sentenced Anthony to one year probation upon her release, for stealing checks from a friend, but the orders were only verbal, and were not written down.

Anthony's lawyers insisted that she has already served the probation while being in jail, waiting for the murder trial. They also argued that disclosing her location could put her in danger.

The Department of Corrections will be authorized to keep her address private during her probation, Judge Perry said according to the report.