An Orlando newspaper has made a request to unseal case documents from the Casey Anthony trial, though many of the documents are not subject to a sealing order.

The Orlando Sentinel asked a Florida judge for access to all the sealed documents, besides the jurors' list, from the trial, citing it is "unaware" of any orders from the judge to seal documents.

According to the newspaper, documents include "an itemized list that details how Casey Anthony's defense team spent $200,000 in private funds, as well as a transcript of a private meeting between attorneys and a judge about potential financial conflicts."

The Sentinel reports that Anthony paid her defense attorney with money she received from ABC News for personal photos of her family. Since Anthony was declared indigent after the defense team spent the $200,000, the newspaper insisted "her finances are subject to public scrutiny." The Casey Anthony trial has cost the public more than $822,470, the newspaper says.

The documents involved in the case are not under any sealing orders and most documents do not have written orders to denote sealing.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of all claims surrounding the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, on account of poor evidence.

Since her release from prison last month on fraud charges unrelated to the Caylee case, Casey Anthony has disappeared from the public eye. However, Anthony has been ordered by Judge Stan Strickland to return to Orlando to serve a one-year probation for a check fraud case.