From the very moment that the verdict of Casey Anthony's case came out, there was public outrage and hatred towards the 25-year-old mother, who was charged of killing her daughter, but was acquitted of the charges and set free three years later.

Anthony has been sent hate mails and death threats by people following the Caylee murder case closely, and at one point in time during the trial, a lot of them believed without any doubt that  Anthony was the murderer of her child. Hence, her acquittal from the charges certainly came as a shock to many.

So what really happened to Caylee? The two-year-old's body was found near Anthony's home, six months after she was reported missing. The decomposing body of the toddler had a duct tape stuck to its skull and the exact cause of the death could not be immediately established. Considering that Anthony lied to the police about the whereabouts of her daughter after she was reported missing and also while the search for Caylee was going on, one might find it easy to believe that she had something to do with the death of her child. And yes, probably that's what it really looked like. But with the recent revelation by Anthony's psychiatrists, who assessed her while she was in jail, one might want to reconsider blindly hating her, who had stepped into motherhood at just 18 years of age.

According to her psychiatrist's deposition that was unsealed on Thursday, Anthony believes that she was impregnated while she was on drugs in a party and was raped while she was unconscious.

Dr. William Weitz testified how Anthony told him she may have consumed a spiked drink that caused her to pass out at a party in October or November 2004.

She believes ... that's when she was impregnated, Weitz said during his deposition, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Anthony also revealed that for some time she believed she was impregnated by her own father, George Anthony. But DNA tests falsified the accusation and left Anthony clueless about her child's father's identity.

During the trial, her attorneys alleged that as a child, Anthony was molested by her father, but George Anthony had adamantly denied the accusations.

In his deposition, Weitz said that Anthony ...described physical touching [by her father]... and involvement all the way to intercourse. She claimed that she was abused by her father from age 8 till she was 12 years old.

She also told Dr. Danzinger that her older brother Lee Anthony also molested her several times, from the time she was 12 till she turned 15. However, Danzinger told prosecutors that the allegations deeply troubled him because they were unsubstantiated, reported

What has also been revealed with the deposition is Anthony's version of Caylee's death. Apparently, Anthony believes that Caylee could not have drowned and died accidently in the family swimming pool. In fact, she thinks that her father is the one responsible for Caylee's death. She said I think he held her under water, maybe he was doing something to her and he tried to cover it up.

Anthony has also given details to Danzinger of the day Caylee supposedly drowned. Her description: After 9 a.m., father woke me up. He's shaking me. She said she's usually a light sleeper, and she was wondering why she was up so late and why she had to be shook to be woken up. The day before was Father's Day. We were home the night before. He's screaming at me where's Caylee. She didn't recall Caylee leaving the bedroom with her. I looked all over the house, the garage, the yard. Last possible place an aboveground pool. I didn't see her in the pool. Then father had Caylee in his arms soaking wet. She then said that there's an aboveground pool. As far as she knows, there is a heavy ladder that wasn't attached but the ladder was attached at that moment.

In her account, Anthony's father later yelled at her saying that it was her fault that Caylee drowned and said he will take care of the body of the child. Anthony also said that George Anthony never disclosed what happened to Caylee after she was discovered. Anthony said that she was a very sensitive mother and very protective towards her child.

Though the latest version of the story does sound believable, there are still many questions left unanswered. If the story she is telling now is true, then what about the fact that she was seen partying and enjoying just days after her daughter's death? And as a mother, her first duty was to inform the police about what happened to her daughter and not help her family hide a probable murder.

Also, Danziger testified that according to psychological tests that he conducted, Anthony showed no signs of mental illness, the Sentinel reported.

Danziger said Anthony was surprisingly cheerful.

You would expect that would provoke some measure of distress, whether someone genuinely did it, whether someone was falsely accused, Danziger said about Anthony's mental state, which he called puzzling.

It is difficult to determine Anthony's personality traits with whatever is known of her behavior so far.  And maybe it is this mystery element that keeps the public still interested in her despite the verdict being over and she being away from the public eye for more than six months already.

Whatever the reason, it is still difficult to believe the statements she has given. It still cannot be established if she was really involved or if she was just a victim of circumstances and is being hated by the nation when she probably does not deserve it.