Casey Anthony, the 26-year-old mother who was acquitted of murder by a jury in July of 2011, has been in hiding since her acquittal, and for good reason: according an online survey by the New York Post in June, Anthony is the “most hated person in America.” But on Friday night, diners at a restaurant in Lake Worth, Florida reportedly spotted her out and about for the first time.

The restaurant in question was Flanigan’s Seafood Bar & Grill, according to Gossip Extra, which exclusively obtained a cellphone picture taken by a fellow patron. According to eyewitnesses, the woman they believe to be Casey Anthony came into the restaurant at around 7 p.m. with two men.

Witnesses said that one of the men came into the restaurant first, waiting in line at the hostess stand by himself before securing a table. After he was seated, Anthony and a second man allegedly joined him, presumably so as not to attract attention from other customers. Although the published cellphone photo is of low quality, witnesses claimed they discovered an additional piece of circumstantial evidence linking the meal to Anthony.

A bald man seated next to the brunette woman suspected to be Anthony has not yet been identified. However, another man seated across the table was identified by restaurant employees as Pat McKenna, a private detective who was hired by Casey Anthony’s defense team during her trial, to assist investigators.

McKenna first gained notoriety for his assistance to O.J. Simpson’s legal defense team, during the sensational murder case in 1995. The same tabloid also reported that the man eyewitnesses identified as McKenna paid for the dinner with a card that read, “Patrick J. McKenna!”

“From what I could tell, the woman had hot chicken wings,” said a source for Gossip Extra. “The man across from her had shrimp and the bald dude had lemon chicken.”