The trial of Casey Anthony resumed on Thursday (Day 26) with yet another twist to the story, when Casey's mother Cindy Anthony offered a shocking revelation that she was the one who looked for information about chloroform on the family's computer.

Cindy testified that she was trying to find information in relation to a concern for her two dogs, and her search led her from chlorophyll to chloroform, since it can be produced from several types of chlorophyll, Reuters reported.

According to previous witnesses, evidence of a surprisingly large amount of chloroform and residue from a putrid human body were found in Casey's car trunk.

However, Cindy said on Thursday that Casey's car trunk was already stained when it was bought from a used car dealership in Orlando.

Challenging Cindy's claims, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick questioned that why Cindy's office record showed that she was at work on the particular dates of the Internet searches in March 2008.

Cindy replied that her work record often showed varied information.

We were not supposed to report overtime, so sometimes we'd only work a half day to make up for longer hours, Cindy said.

The computer searches: chloroform, neck-breaking, inhalation

Computer experts found evidence of search topics like chloroform and neck-breaking on the family computer on the afternoon of March 17, 2008, CBS affiliate WKMG reported.

Cindy said she had not looked up for neck-breaking, but remembered a You Tube pop-up screen with the word.

Computer experts also testified that somebody typed how to make chloroform into the Anthonys' computer on March 21 after a MySpace entry just 20 seconds before.

Cindy denied any MySpace or Facebook entry made by her.

When Burdick asked her about a search for inhalation on March 17, Cindy said she did search for that after she received a mail from a friend about the danger of a child inhaling household items.

I searched for alcohol, acetone, peroxide and other household chemicals because I wanted to know about things Caylee might get hold of in the house, Cindy said.

When defense attorney Jose Baez questioned Kevin Stenger, a computer forensics expert who had earlier testified for the prosecution, he said that he used two programming codes to arrange the deleted Internet history data from the Anthony's computer.

The defense pointed out differences in two computer reports about the internet searches on the Anthony's computer, but Stenger said that the reports were accurate. However, he said that the reports may have been interpreted differently by the programming codes.

While one program showed that the amateur scientists website had been visited once on March 21, other showed that it had been visited 84 times.

Casey, 25, is charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee on June 16, 2008, and then storing her body in the trunk of a car.

Defense attorneys are saying that Caylee drowned in the family's backyard pool and was found by her grandfather, who didn't report the accident. But prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Casey.

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