Casey Anthony trial resumed on Friday (Day 27) and the dysfunctional Anthony family was revealed under the sun as Casey's mother and brother gave their tearful testimony in the court.

Lee Anthony, Casey's brother, testified that his family had denied and kept silent about Casey's pregnancy until she was about to give birth to the baby.

Lee recalled that he doubted Casey was pregnant at first in early to mid-2005, when Casey got out of bathroom and he came in. He lived in the next room of Casey's in their parents' house and share the same bathroom.

When I went in, she was coming out. I could see her mid-section and she was showing, Lee testified, 'Excuse me. What the hell is that?' She kinda just waved me off.

Soon Lee told his mother Cindy. But Cindy denied it and explained Casey was just putting on weight or experiencing some bloating.

But later in the year, Casey picked Lee up at the airport. Lee noticed that Casey's belly was far enough out to where I knew she was not just putting on weight.

Lee admitted that he was hurt by this kind of exclusion. He even decided not to visit Casey in the hospital when she gave the birth to Caylee in August 2005. But he felt so much remorse and regret that he cried out in the court.

Lee said, I was just angry at everyone in general, that they didn't want to include me or felt it important to tell me (about the pregnancy), especially since I had already asked.

Before Lee, Cindy Anthony, Casey's mother took the witness stand and showed the jury some photos of Caylee and herself in the swimming pool.

In the photos, Calyee was climbing a ladder into an above-ground pool at Anthony's house and Cindy was supporting her. According to Cindy, swimming is almost Caylee's favorite hobby.

She told the jurors that she came home on June 16, 2008 and found the pool ladder was standing against the pool, ready for use. I thought it was strange, she testified. I told my co-workers about it.

Did she often get anxious to get in the water and get ahead of you? Baez asked Cindy.

Cindy replied, For the most part, she would wait for us, but when she got older she would get anxious - but we always had [her wear] a life jacket.

Except that, Cindy was even asked if her marriage with George had problems at that time. But the question caused another objection and a sidebar.

The lead detective in the case, Yuri Melich, testified in a television report that he had found that George had used the same distinctive kind of duct tape that was placed on Caylee's face, to hang a poster at the search command center he managed with his wife.

Deputy Ryan Eberlin also took the stand and said that he didn't find decomposition smell in Casey's car which is opposite to what other witnesses testified.

Casey Anthony's trial is nearing an end and it is believed the jury deliberation will begin soon.

About Casey Anthony Trial

Two-year old Caylee was last seen alive on June 16 and it was only on July 15 that she was reported missing by her mother Casey Anthony to the police. Cindy, Casey's mother had also alerted the police by calling a 911 dispatcher and saying that she had smelled a dead body in the trunk of Casey's car that was spotted in an impound lot. The car was later towed by authorities for forensic analysis.

Initially, Casey told the police that a babysitter called Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez (Zanny the nanny) had abducted Caylee. Investigations showed Casey was lying as the babysitter Zanny was fictitious. Five months later, in December 2008, Caylee's decomposed skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near the Anthony home by a meter reader who was relieving himself.

The prosecutors say Casey chloroformed Caylee and then put duct tape over her nose and mouth, suffocating the girl.

Casey's lawyers claim Caylee was not murdered. They say the toddler accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool and George, Casey's father, helped her keep the death a secret. George has denied the claim.

Casey has been charged with seven counts, including first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and misleading the police in the death of Caylee. If she is convicted of first degree, she could be sentenced to death by the seven-woman, five-man jury. The trial is expected to take another 2-3 weeks before a verdict is reached.