Casey Anthony trial entered the fourth day, with fiancée of Casey’s brother taking the stand on Friday and revealing that Casey had an amazing relationship with her daughter Caylee.

Casey Anthony has been accused of killed her 2-year-old baby Caylee. If convicted, she should face the death penalty. Casey has denied all the charges.

However, there are two different statements about the death of Caylee. The prosecutors allege that Caylee was suffocated to death by placing duct tape over her nose and mouth. But the defense attorneys of Casey said the little girl drowned accidentally in the family swimming pool on June 16, 2008. The doubtful point is Casey reported Caylee disappeared on July 15, 2008, which makes the case get more complicated.

Even after Caylee went missing, prosecutors said Casey went nightclubbing and partying, shopping and hanging out with her friends as if nothing has happened.

Mallory Parker, the fiancée of Casey's brother took the stand on Friday, testifying that she and Lee, Casey's brother searched for Casey in the bar during summer 2008. At that time, Casey's family hadn't seen her for a long time. Parker also revealed that Anthony had an amazing bond with Caylee.

Ricardo Morales, Casey's former boyfriend testified on Thursday that Casey picked him and his friends from airport on July 15, 2008, about a month after Caylee disappeared. Morales said, She was the same as she always was. “ ”Happy. Smiling. Just as usual. Same Casey. Morales had a romantic relationship with Casey from February to April in 2008.

Casey’s another ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro, who began dating with her in May 2008, also took the stand. He revealed that he had a conversation with Casey in late June or early July 2008. In the conversation, Casey told him her brother tried to sexually attack her.

Baez in his opening statement said Casey didn't report her missing daughter continued telling lies and pretending that Caylee was with a nanny. The reason was that Casey's father and brother had sexually abused her, which gave left emotionally scarred.

However, Casey's father, George Anthony has denied the allegation in an earlier testimony. George also testified that he met Casey after finding that two gas cans were stolen from a storage shed at his house.

George said he wanted to check the trunk of her car, but Casey prevented his to do that. Prosecutors believe Casey hid her daughter’s dead body in her trunk.