A video diary of Casey Anthony, the 25-year-old Florida mom who was cleared of killing her daughter Caylee, 2, surfaced online on Thursday. The video, which MSNBC, has confirmed is of Anthony, is her first public statement since she left prison last July.

Anthony, who looks very different from when she was last seen leaving prison in 2011, said the video is the first of many. She spoke for almost 4 minutes and 30 seconds but made no mention of her toddler daughter or parents.

When Anthony was seen leaving prison she had long black hair. However, in the video she is wearing a shorter blond do.

Anthony spoke about the progress she has made since being in an unknown location serving a probation sentence.

Among the things Anthony said she has achieved is buying a new computer and figuring out how to use it.

It's obviously a different ball game for me because I have never have used this before, Anthony said. She added that she is looking forward to using Skype, keeping a video log and taking pictures.

I have something that I can finally call mine, she said. It's been a long time since I have been able to call something mine. ... I've actually now paid for my own computer. The camera was a gift but these are things that are mine that I don't have to give back. It's kind of nice finally being able to say that I have some belongings that are mine that I will be able to take with me after I leave here next year.

Anthony didn't say where she is and where she will be going. However, Anthony said she will be in her current location at least until the end of February, noting that March will be her birthday.

This has been such a blessing in so many ways, Anthony , who has also adopted a dog, said.

She is hoping that the blessing will continue.

Just a little surreal how much things have changed since July and how many things haven't changed, Anthony said. The good thing is things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way. Just hope things stay good and that they only get better. Yeah. They'll only get better.

Facing murder charge

For a while it seemed as if things were going to be worse for Anthony.

Before being acquitted of murder on July 5, prosecutors claimed that Anthony suffocated her Caylee with duct tape in June 2008, before storing the toddler's body in the trunk of a car.

It was also said that Anthony didn't report that the toddler was missing for 31 days.

The defense argued that Caylee's death was a result of an accidental drowning in the family's backyard pool and that it was covered up.

Last year, the seven-woman, five-man jury took about one day before reaching a verdict in Anthony's case. The verdict stunned the nation.

Anthony was receiving death threats and was eventually released under guard with her lawyer asking the public to respect the jury verdict.

YouTube responses

Anthony's video has since been uploaded to YouTube. Many of the commenter have given positive feedback, wishing Anthony all the best.

Rock on Casey! a viewer wrote.We're behind you? babe!

I hope things get? better for you, another comment read. Keep your head up and keep going forward (sic).

You can watch Casey Anthony's video diary below: