Orange County, Fla. Circuit Judge Stan Strickland signed amended documents on Monday that will require Casey Anthony to serve a year of supervised probation as he had originally intended when he sentenced her during her check fraud case.

This may finally put a stop to the endless guessing game of Where is Casey Anthony?

"From my reading of this, she should be reporting to probation in Orlando probably within 72 hours," Strickland said. "I suspect she's going to be required to report to probation."

The 25-year old maligned mother left the Orange County jail on July 17 with no restrictions, following her acquittal at last month's murder trial.

This probation, however, stems from a separate case. Anthony pleaded guilty in Jan. 2010 to check fraud charges resulting from purchases she made after daughter Caylee Marie's death using the checking account of one of her best friends.

Strickland said on Thursday that his intention in sentencing Anthony last year was that she should go on supervised probation if released from custody. However, Department of Corrections officials interpreted Strickland's order to mean that Anthony could serve her probation while still in jail awaiting trial in connection with the 2008 death of her daughter.

Only Judge Strickland and a deputy clerk were present when Strickland signed documents on Monday related to the probation issue.

The judge then sent the corrected order to Anthony's attorneys.

Anthony's lawyer Cheney Mason said the defense team would file a motion that Judge Stan Strickland be disqualified from the case, local Orlando station WKMG's Tony Pipitone reported Monday evening. Anthony's attorneys will seek an emergency motion to set aside Strickland's order that Anthony must go on probation for a year, Pipitone added.

Mason told Pipitone that Anthony's attorneys are concerned about her security as well as the legality of Strickland's changed order.

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