At least three people were killed at Casper College in Casper, Wyo. on Friday morning, as the result of a possible bow-and-arrow attack, according to the Casper Star-Tribune. The suspected attacker is among the dead.

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh told the newspaper that two people had been found dead at the community college’s physical-science center before 9 a.m. MST (11 a.m. EST), and a third had been found dead at another location he declined to identify.

Casper College officials and the police immediately placed the campus on lockdown, with all classes canceled for the day, but the lockdown has since been lifted. A notice on the college’s website at 2 p.m. MST said that Friday's activities also had been canceled. However, it noted people were now permitted to travel on campus.

Although police have not officially confirmed the kind of a weapon used in the attack, a college representative, Rich Fujita, told NBC News that a “bow-and-arrow type" of weapon was likely involved. Fujita said one of the casualties is believed to be a male faculty member and another is believed to be of “student age.”

The third body was found off campus, NBC News reported.

The Associated Press quoted Police Chief Walsh as saying: "I want the city to, well I can't say, you know, just feel safe right now. There is no one at large."

Chris Henrichsen, a political-science professor at the college, told AP he was in the middle of showing his students the film “Frost/Nixon” when a student he encountered in the hallway by chance advised him there had been a homicide on campus. As he returned to his classroom, his students were already receiving text notifications on their cellphones that the campus had been placed on lockdown.

“We locked the door and waited for further instruction,” Henrichsen said. He added that students were sent home for the day, but that some who had parked near a different building on campus were not allowed to return to their cars.