“Castle” fans are less than a week away from the big wedding, something loyal viewers have been waiting to see since the Season 6 finale robbed fans of the original planned ceremony. There will be no fake-outs this time. Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) will wed in the Nov. 10 episode, “The Time of Our Lives.” Photos of the subsequent honeymoon episode have been released, and while fans don’t have a look at the wedding yet, details about the episode continue to surface.

Episode 6 will be a busy one for “Castle.” In addition to sneaking the whole wedding thing in, “The Time of Our Lives” will be the alternate reality episode that producers teased over the summer.  In fact, the two will be linked.

The episode will feature an alternate reality in which Castle and Beckett have never met, but, according to Entertainment Weekly, the experience will be a positive occasion for the relationship. Castle will snap back into reality, eager to get on with marrying his fiancée, and, though Beckett will not know what is behind the sudden inspiration -- is the alternate reality Castle’s dream? -- there will indeed be a real-world wedding by the end of the episode that executive producer David Amann calls “incredibly romantic.”

The ceremony, however, will not have the bells and whistles of the one the show had planned for the end of Season 6. Amann told TV Guide, “We came very close to doing the other version of the big wedding and all the hoopla that's associated with that, and we knew that we didn't want to do quite the same thing.”

The wedding episode will be followed by the honeymoon episode, “Once Upon a Time in the West,” on Nov. 17, in which Castle and Beckett will work a case while on their honeymoon at an Old West-themed resort town. With two episodes devoted to the couple finally marrying, fans might get some satisfaction after the long wait.

“Castle” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

Watch the promo for the wedding episode below:

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