//cdn.content.compendiumblog.com/uploads/user/64f9471c-6a7f-4688-913f-4fb5fcd0a3d1/a3ba35ca-5643-4e56-91ac-ebd6b513335f/Image/bfdb52321612499ebd3e5836e8463024_w640.jpegThe Commission on Fiscal Responsibility that has been formed to address the US budget deficit is also now out of money. Agora Financial's 5 Minute Forecast caught this yesterday: Still operating on its original annual budget of $500,000 and four full-time salaries, the commission has been sending out quiet signals lately that the well is all dried up. The commission could use additional support to help it work more effectively, Harry Reid wrote on their behalf to President Obama recently.

And one wonders why we as Americans now have spending fatigue? This boggles the mind. I'm going to initiate a different kind of self induced fatigue - one that is more beneficial to my bottom line! Stacking gold coins and numismatic silver coins that I acquire from Lear Capital!