The Asian trading session was very cautious today, where most of the major Asian currencies were trading in a narrow positive range.

As, the Australian dollar rose during March to about the highest level in trade, yet the so-called Aussie moved slightly against the U.S. dollar after a huge drop that was recorded today and it's currently trading around 1.0482, as it reached its highest level at 1.0487 and lowest at 1.0464.

Moving to the Japanese currency, as the USD/JPY pair is slightly declining, as it is currently trading around 83.64, yet it recorded its highest at 83.73 and lowest at 83.63.

Moving to the NZD/USD pair, which is currently is slightly advancing, where the pair is currently trading around 0.8176 after it reached the highest at 0.8178 and lowest at 0.8159.

Heading to Europe, as today Europe has an important data to be released, where eyes on the UK's BoE rate decision vote, along with BoE APF vote.