Casey Anthony's two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, was murdered without a doubt, according to the Chief Medical Examiner who performed the autopsy.

It was a homicide... Without a doubt, Dr. Jan Garavaglia, the examiner, told Anderson Cooper on Tuesday's episode of his syndicated talk show, Anderson.

Garavaglia further said that Anthony's behavior after Caylee went missing formed part of her decision to announce Caylee's death a murder, RadarOnline reported. The details of the autopsy have been revealed nearly six months after Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter.

It doesn't matter there was nothing I can scientifically prove. I don't ever guess. I really don't like guessing, I don't like speculating because that's not my job. My job is to see what the body can tell us and what it can't tell us, said Garavaglia, when asked if she could think of a possible scenario to explain Caylee's death.

I really don't care about her behaviour now. The trial is over. Her behavior was very much a part of calling this a homicide those first 31 days but I don't follow her, I don't really care what happens to her, she further said, when questioned on Anthony's new life.

They did a lot of spin and introduced things that [did not have] any basis in fact, said the medical examiner, voicing her criticism of Anthony's legal team. However, Garavaglia believes the prosecution did a good job, even if they were mystified by certain aspects of the case.

I think they expected more CSI kind of whiz bang things. I think people don't understand that it was circumstantial, that you had to put the pieces together, she said.