CDEX Inc., a leading developer of chemical detection products using patented technologies for the healthcare and security markets, today announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with HealthContrax LLC, an Iowa-based national accounts sales agency.

HealthContrax acts as a National Account representative agency that helps healthcare manufacturers gain market access by connecting both large and small healthcare manufacturers to the various channels they serve. This effectively extends marketing reach and distribution for their manufacturing partners.

Per the agreement, CDEX has access to Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) that contract for thousands of hospitals, labs and clinics across the country. Through its partnership with HealthContrax, CDEX also has immediate, nationwide market access for its ValiMedâ„¢ Validation System product line.

“The distribution partnership with HealthContrax grants access to national Group Purchasing Organizations that contract with thousands of hospitals domestically, directly extending the sales reach for our ValiMed Validation Systems,” Jeff Brumfield, CEO and chairman of the board of CDEX stated in the press release. “We believe HealthContrax is a great distribution partner and brings immediate access to agencies across the U.S., which should accelerate interest in our systems.”

Marc Marchand, CEO of HealthContrax, voiced his position that ValiMed Validation Systems will have a solid foothold in the healthcare market.

“We met with the CDEX team at the ASHP Midyear Conference and were very impressed with the ValiMed Validation Systems,” Marchand stated. “We believe the ValiMed has tremendous market potential as hospitals and other healthcare agencies focus on patient safety and drug loss prevention.”

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