Ceelox, Inc. announced yesterday that their Ceelox ID 7 PC Edition software has earned the “Compatible with Windows 7″ logo. This logo indicates that Microsoft Corp. has determined that the product is compatible with Windows 7.

Gerry Euston, Chief Executive Officer, Ceelox, Inc., stated, “With this latest certification, Ceelox can now offer our Ceelox ID PC Edition product across multiple Microsoft platforms e.g. Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Through the use of a fingerprint, Ceelox provides an easy way to secure your personal computer from anyone else accessing your information contained on that computer.”

Ceelox, Inc. has redesigned their authentication approach to take advantage of the capability of Windows 7. As recognized by Microsoft Corp., biometrics is an increasingly popular technology. It helps provide convenient access to systems, services, and resources. Biometrics relies on measuring an unchanging physical characteristic of a person to identify uniquely that person.

Fingerprints are one of the most frequently used biometric characteristics. Millions of fingerprint biometric devices are embedded in personal computers (PCs) and peripherals.

Ceelox ID PC Edition controls local access to a user’s computer. It provides secure login sessions for programs including Microsoft Outlook and other applications requiring traditional user name and password. The authentication of a user’s biometric live swipe matched locally on the computer allows access only to the registered users. This offers increased security; it restricts access to a user’s applications and data on their PC.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Ceelox, Inc. is a developer of biometric security and encryption software solutions. These solutions are for financial institutions, healthcare companies, utilities, government agencies and other organizations for whom information access are key concerns. The Company’s security and encryption tools are easy to deploy, user-friendly, cost-effective and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

For more information visit: www.ceelox.com