The most anticipated premiere of the summer is approaching. On June 26, HBO's hits how True Blood is back for its fourth season. The show is based on the popular Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. It has become somewhat of a phenomenon as it tackles issues like vampires, shape shifters and blood in a more adult way than hits like Twilight.

The show stars real-life married couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Paquin's character, Sookie Stackhouse, and Moyer's Bill Compton won't be spending much quality time together this season, though. Season three ended with Sookie and Bill apart and with Sookie thinking about another vampire, Eric, played by Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard.

Will things get awkward with Paquin canoodling with men other than her husband?

Skarsgard told GQ magazine, It's really clear to Steve [Moyer] and to everybody else what the deal is - which is that Anna is like a sister to me ... Those love scenes take quite a bit of acting, actually. A lot of acting.

Below are photos from the premiere in Hollywood Tuesday night.