With Donald Trump no longer welcome on NBC’s airwaves, the network is reportedly hard at work trying to find a business-skewing TV personality to replace him as the host of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Now, new reports seem to indicate that the network is hoping for a minority host to make up for Trump’s recent derogatory comments to the Mexican immigrant community.

As previously reported, NBC is supposedly actively courting Mexican-American comedian George Lopez to take over as the host of “Celebrity Apprentice” in Season 15. According to The Wrap, that rumor is false and NBC has not reached out to Lopez to sign on for the hit reality show. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the network doesn’t have him in mind.

What’s new is the inclusion of former NBA player Magic Jonson in the running for the hosting gig. According to TMZ, which cites “well-connected ‘Apprentice’ sources” for the information, Magic currently fits the mold for what NBC is looking for in Donald Trump’s replacement. The outlet claims that the network is specifically looking for a successful minority host and Magic Johnson has significantly better business chops than Lopez. However, with neither celebrity reportedly approached yet, it’s unclear exactly what NBC is truly looking for.

According to a report from Page Six, which originally reported the George Lopez news, the network is also considering “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban, Martha Stewart and Richard Branson. Only time will tell if the peacock network will favor business savvy over diversity appeal, but they’ve only got so much time to toss around ideas before Season 15 of “Celebrity Apprentice” has to get in motion.

Trump hosted the show since 2004 but was given the boot from NBC in June after the new presidential candidate made some offensive comments about Mexican immigrants. In a speech to promote his campaign, he accused them of bringing drugs, crime and rape to the United States, according to Reuters. In response to the backlash of hatred Trump received, the network released a statement confirming that it had ended its business relationship with Trump and would no longer air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. However, with “Celebrity Apprentice” already renewed for a new season at the time, not to mention the fact that the show is still a ratings giant, the network is hoping to march forward with a new host.

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