Eco-friendliness is of the best things that bind the celebrity couple Amy Smart and her husband, HGTV host, Carter Oosterhouse, other than love and devotion for each other.

Their devotion to Earth conservation and doing so with small meaningful ways is quite important for the Amy and Carter. They made a mark with their Eco-Friendly Wedding in September 2011 and were still proud of how they were able to recycle and only went away with a half bag of trash after the wedding.

We had 220 people in the wedding and only one bag of trash. We did everything from recycling to composting. Because it is so important to us, shares Amy.

Simple, Eco Friendly Ways: Use the Schick Xtreme3 Eco razor

Being eco-friendly is the foremost passion of Amy and Carter, which made them believe the product Schick Xtreme3 Eco razor, which is made of 100% recycled plastic made from old coat hangers and other old plastic materials considered as trash by most people. are one of the best products in the market.

The collaboration of NextLife® and Schick® has unveiled innovative new Schick Xtreme3 Eco razor features packaging and handles made solely from post-consumer recycled material.

The use of NextLife Resin for the production of the Schick Xtreme3 Eco razor will save over 103,000 pounds of virgin plastic materials from being put in our landfills and save the energy equivalent to 28,840 gallons of gasoline.

NextLife Resins are derived from only post consumer plastic waste, processed at a manufacturing facility and shipped to customers throughout the United States to be made into new consumer products. This waste is collected from a variety of sources and products that would otherwise be sent to landfills where it can take decades to degrade. NextLife disrupts this waste cycle and repurposes the material so it can be manufactured into a new product.

NextLife is proud to have our polypropylene resin used in a consumer product application that is unlike any other disposable razor in the market, said Ronald Whaley, President and CEO of NextLife. Schick's effort in creating a product with recycled content is a very exciting initiative for the consumer products industry and more specifically for the personal care market. It's great to see mainstream brands moving towards using recycled materials in their products.

At Schick, we're taking proactive steps to minimize the impact of our products and manufacturing processes on the environment. We know consumers are doing their part to live more sustainably, and we wanted to provide a simple way for them to do so with their shave, said Suma Nagaraj, brand manager for Schick Xtreme3. With NextLife as our partner, we're able to create the same high quality Xtreme3 razor our customers expect, now better for the environment.

Here at NextLife, we believe this is yet another turning point for sustainability within the consumer products industry, added Whaley. If you can use a product that has a better impact on the environment, yet performs the same and looks the same as its original counterpart, the sustainable choice should always have the advantage.

With consumers seeing these types of everyday-use products made with recycled material, Xtreme3 Eco may usher in a new era of sustainable practices by product manufacturers. In addition, it will encourage the development of more creative recycling solutions for consumers and eco friendly products in the market, ultimately providing consumers and manufacturers alike more opportunity to be environmentally conscientious.

In keeping with this goal, the promotional campaign for Eco will invite consumers to join the effort to reuse recyclable materials and give their products a new lifecycle. With a report from Businesswire