It's been a particularly busy week for celebrity weight issues. Here are 5 current celebrity weight loss/diet stories, and what we regular folk can learn from them!

Kris Jenkins

Kris Jenkins, the New York Jets' nose tackle, has dropped 20 pounds this offseason using Dr. Sanford Siegal's Cookie Diet. This after ballooning to 390 lbs following an anterior cruciate ligament injury that sidelined him for half of last season.

Dr. Siegal does admit that it is calorie control, but you don't need expensive cookies and proprietary blends to get into a deficit.

In a neat twist, however, Jenkins has a 3-way weight loss challenge going with 2 of his team mates, with the cash winnings going to the charity of the winner (losers) choice.

Sammi Sweetheart

Apparently there's a show called Jersey Shore that's now in its second season. One of the cast members, Sammi Sweetheart Giancola dropped 15 lbs. before the second season. How did she do it? The answer may shock you:

I just changed my diet, and the next thing you know the pounds just came off...

Amazing. It was noted that this loss was despite partying it up in Miami. Yup, changing your diet for the better does work. I don't recommend boozing beyond an occassional drink whilst trying to lose fat, however, but when you're young you can get away with it to a greater extent.

Drew Carey

I've always liked Drew Carey. From the short-lived sitcom The Good Life to the Drew Carey Show to Whose Line is it Anyway, I've always appreciated his comedic style. The current Price is Right host has lost 80lbs and said simply I was sick of being fat.

Carey's secret? Again, no rocket science here - he cut back on refined and starchy carbs - no bread, no crackers, no pizza and abolished all liquid calories. At the gym, Carey blasts out 45 minutes of cardio on most days.

Again, sensible approach - but I would hope he's mixing in some strength training as well.

Demi Moore

The ageless Demi Moore - who has always taken her health seriously has gone from the very restrictive Master Cleanse to a healthier cleanse - one where you are generously allowed to eat salads for lunch or dinner (yippee).

When a follower on Twitter had the temerity to suggest that sound nutrition and exercise is all you need, Demi blasted back with,

I think you need to research what it is I am doing, there is no starving involved! It is all about nourishing the body

Yes, because evidently we can't nourish our bodies with real food and exercise. Sounds like a fellow graduate of the Gwyneth Paltrow School of nutritional stupidity.

Angelina Jolie

Looking a little on the thin and frail side for the past couple of years, Angelina Jolie needed to be believable as a tough-as-nails CIA agent in her newly-released Salt. Here's how she did it:

She ate about five small meals a day and stuck to a diet of 70% carbs and 30% protein, and actually avoided cardio, to help put muscle on without losing weight,

says trainer Simon Crane. (Are you sure about that, Simon? She ate absolutely NO fat?).

Jolie cut out the junk food and only drank alcohol on weekends. In the gym 5 days per week - 2 hours a day - a combination of strength and fight training. Once shooting began, training volume was ratcheted down and Jolie was put on a 60% carb, 40% protein diet. 

*Mike pours battery acid in eyes and lights self on fire.

Take Home Message

It seems for the most part, those who lost weight did so rather sensibly (getting in shape for a movie role is often an accelerated process that is difficult for the average person). Stars still seem prone to jump on fads a-la Demi Moore (cleanse) and Jenkins (cookie diet).

The common denominator remains, however: Discipline, hard work and persistence works. For the average Joe/Jane, I think emulating the celebs' discipline and sifting out the faddish behavior in favor of the simple dietary and exercise habits are key.