A routine traffic stop early Wednesday in New Haven, Conn. became a case of cloak and dagger when officers found a high-voltage stun gun disguised as a cell phone inside a man's car, NBC Connecticut reported.

Investigators stopped the car of William Hall Jr. shortly after 3 a.m. when one of the officers noticed a missing license plate. When they pulled over Hall, the officers thought they smelled marijuana and had probable cause to search his car. The burnt smell ended up being K2, a synthetic incense-like compound that acts like marijuana.

However, one keen-eyed officer saw something odd in the perpetrator's cell phone. When he picked up the device, he noticed the keypad was fake. When he pressed a button, two nodes on the top of the phone emitted an electrical pulse.

Hall, a convicted felon, was taken into custody and charged with possession of an electronic weapon, weapon in a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle under suspension and failure to display a marker plate.

Below are five other incognito weapons.

Cold Steel Sword Cane

Whoever stars in this video delivers the line, What's that, you scum bag? with the conviction of aTaxi Driver De Niro. Though in this case osteoporosis might be the motivator for defense, rather than shell shock. Anyway, the cold steel cane shocks the shell of a watermelon, as this dude legit chops it to bits.

Titan Missiles

For as long as missiles have been in the public consciousness, there have been conspiracy theories about where missiles are kept away from public eye. But some theories are more founded than others. For example, on August 9, 1965 in Searcy, Ark., 53 men died in the gun barrel of America's mightiest ballistic missile, according to the Sentinel Record at the time. This was the worst missile accident in history. And these two jamokes took it upon themselves to wander the site's remains.

Cell Phone Shoots Actual Bullets

A cell phone that acts as a stun gun is one thing. A cell phone that shoots actual bullets is another. Observe this tiny piece firing what look to be pretty high-caliber bullets at the mere touch of a button.

Hand-Held Flamethrower

Wow. Isn't this what Pyro from X-Men did? In X-Men: The Last Stand I'm pretty sure he even had to have the fuel dispensers on his hands. Anyway, this isn't a comic book. This is some dude constructing these in his woodshed somewhere. And you can buy one.

Invisible Weapons

This heavily accented man took it upon himself to evaluate the danger of a bunch of weapons anyone could viably get past airport security. That sentence got creepier with every word. The video's even creepier, as homeboy goes raw on various quantities of ballistic gelatin. Mom's so proud!