Jumia, an Amazon-style online delivery company that launched in Nigeria in 2012, released a list of the most popular consumer items based on data from its website, and to no one's surprise the No. 1 item was the cell phone. 

“Nigerians love shopping and tend to get excited along with the high demands for the hottest gadgets, especially when they have been launched in America,” reads a company press release

The announcement also outlines a new trend in ordering bulk quantities of rice and oil, which are typically purchased as gifts for older family members during the Christmas season.  

Using data gathered from their website, Jumia announced the top ten products Nigerians bought online last year.

1.      Mobile phones

2.      Televisions

3.      Dresses

4.      Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) laptops and tablets

5.      Male shoes

6.      LG (KRX:066570) washing machine

7.      Elizabeth Arden, Inc (NASDAQ: RDEN)perfumes

8.      “Accidental Public Servant” – a book by Nasir El Rufai

9.      Mama gold rice

10.    Bathroom towels