With over four thousand NASDAQ Bulletin Board listed companies, it can be a bit of a task to research and find the true jewels that present great investment opportunities. No need to keep looking as we are bringing you one today. Cellceutix Corporation trades on the NASDAQ Bulletin Board under the ticker CTIX and is emerging as in industry leader in both autism and multi-drug resistant cancers. When finding a solid biotechnology investment, it is imperative to research three primary requirements: history, pipeline and potential. We will take a look at these three and how Cellceutix Corporation measures up as an investment.


Cellceutix management is comprised of executives and an advisory board that together have well over 100 years of high-level experience in the biotechnology field. CEO George Evans ended his tenure at Pfizer as Lead Counsel of the Pharma Division, which accounts for approximately 96% of all revenues generated by Pfizer. Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Krishna Menon, has a long and distinguished history of over 40 years in the industry. Just a few of his accolades have included being the lead researcher for the multi-billion dollar blockbuster drugs, Alimta and Gemzar, and being a recipient of the President’s Award while at Eli Lilly. CFO, Leo Ehrlich, was a founder of NanoViricides and integral to the stock price moving from $.10 to $4.00 during his tenure. The Advisory Board includes pioneers in the biotechnology field with too many distinguished awards to even begin writing them all down. Clearly, Cellceutix meets this first requirement of a great investment opportunity.


Too many biotechs have only one drug that they are developing. This “all or nothing” practice does not yield a solid investment opportunity. If that drug fails in any trials, the price per share will plummet and the company will have to spend years trying to regroup. It is important to find a company that has a strong pipeline of compounds that can be coupled with a strong research team (as described above). Also, the compounds need to be focused in an area that is not flooded by companies all trying to develop drugs for the same illness.

Cellceutix has a portfolio of 8 promising compounds with two currently in development and producing great pre-clinical results that have little competition within the industry. Kevetrin, their compound for multi-drug resistant cancers, is rapidly approaching Phase 1 human trials. Kevetrin is unlike other cancer drugs in that it is targeting specific lines of breast, lung and colon cancers that have proven to be resistant to standard drugs available on the market today. Pre-clinical studies have been concluded with Phase 1 trials targeting initiation in the 4th quarter this year.

Additionally, Cellceutix is one of only a few companies that are pursuing a treatment to address the core symptoms of autism. Pfizer and Novartis recently announced that they have begun research in this area of unmet need, but they are merely taking existing drugs and re-applying them towards autism. Cellceutix’s KM-391 is a 100% novel compound that they are developing to treat core brain issues of autism. Again, pre-clinical studies are proving very promising. If successful, KM-391 will revolutionize autism treatments.


Potential means ability to generate revenues. This directly correlates with the drugs in the pipeline and how vast the market is for them. It also incorporates the idea of becoming a potential target for acquisition by a large pharmaceutical company. It is no big secret that Big Pharma is often lacking in research lately as the pattern of simply acquiring a smaller pharma and their compounds has become the trend of choice anymore. Cellceutix is dripping with potential in both of these areas.

By selecting Kevetrin and KM-391 to be the first compounds that they develop, Cellceutix is addressing areas that will be extremely lucrative with successful progression of clinical trials. The fact is that the production of a revolutionary treatment can generate revenues into the BILLIONS of dollars. CEO George Evans is also a wizard at mergers and acquisitions through his experience at Pfizer and maintains contacts with high level executives throughout the industry. Toss in the proven track record of the research team and advisory board and Cellceutix is a company that has potential unlike any other company trading on the NASDAQ Bulletin Boards.

There you have it. Cellceutix Corporation presents an excellent investment opportunity that is sliding under the radar of investors, but will not be much longer. Big Pharma is honing in on them already and they are starting to receive an influx of attention throughout the industry. Don’t miss out on this story.

Learn more about Cellceutix Corp. and view clinical research and corporate information at www.cellceutix.com.

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