Cellceutix Corp. today issued a press release to announce that they are seeing progress with their compound KM-391 in the treatment of autism. Autism, which affects millions of people annually and is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world, does not have any treatments that address the root causes at this point. Cellceutix is the first company moving forward with progress to address this disease at its core.

To quote the Cellceutix website: “Preliminary testing of KM-391 in mice revealed that the test animals showed a significant increase in serotonin uptake compared to controls, with no apparent side-effects in the long-term administration of KM 391 in mice. The equalization of serotonin uptake is considered by many researchers as an important development in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders.”

Cellceutix acquired the rights to the KM-391 compound in December 2009 and has been making strides quickly by biotechnology standards with developing it. The Cellceutix research team, headed by Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Krishna Menon, has seen their small molecule have a direct impact on neonatal serotonin depletion and the plasticity of the brain in Wistar rat pups used in their experiments. Using three groups in their studies, the team replicated some of the leading features observed in autism in the rat pups at birth and then proceeded to conduct the studies on those features with treatment of KM-391. The results have been extremely positive. Cellceutix Corporation will be continuing to move forward with patents and eventual clinical testing of this possible solution to the root causes of autism.

A low float stock play, CTIX closed at .40 on Friday on 2,000 shares traded.