Cellceutix Corp. has signed an agreement with Formatech to formulate Kevetrin for a Phase 1 study as issued in a press release this morning at 7:30 am EST. Formatech, based in Andover, Massachusetts, was established in 1993 and provides contract services for their clients’ product development and manufacturing challenges. Fomatech has achieved excellent results in developing biotherapeutic products. This agreement helps Cellceutix stay on course with the future Investigational New Drug (IND) filing for Kevetrin.

Kevetrin, Cellceutix’s lead product, is a drug in developmental processes to treat drug resistant cancers. Cellceutix’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Krishna Menon, MCA, PhD, VMD, has conducted extensive research on Kevetrin on animals and has determined that it has a unique potential in treating head and neck cancers. The research results are based on years of data conducted on over 5,000 laboratory animals. Cellceutix has recently reported that Kevetrin demonstrated more significant tumor shrinkage in animal models of resistant lung cancer, breast and colon cancer than standard therapies.

Cellceutix Corporation is an emerging bio-pharmaceutical company in the business of developing small molecule therapies in areas of unmet medical needs with a focus on preclinical cancer and anti-inflammatory drug development. Cellceutix owns the rights to eight drug compounds, including Kevetrin and KM-391, which it is developing for the treatment of autism. Kevetrin is Cell Cellceutix flagship product and they plan on focusing their attention primarily towards its development while the rest of the products in their pipeline are being developed as well.