Celsius Holdings, Inc., marketer of the scientifically-engineered Celsius® brand of energy drinks via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Celsius Inc., today proudly announced a 283% increase in Q4 revenue to $2.4M over the same interval last year.

Chairman and CEO of CSUHD, Mr. Stephen C. Haley, commented on the growing retail infrastructure throughout the U.S. in the last three months, saying that both the “numbers of companies and the footprint of locations” represented by the continually expanding customer base of retailers has produced excellent revenue and enhanced brand identity through product exposure.

Haley listed additions to the retail customer base which included:

• A&P/Pathmark Supermarkets
• Bi-Lo Supermarkets
• Giant Supermarkets
• Harris Teeter Food Markets
• Marsh Supermarkets
• Ralphs
• Rite Aid Drugstores
• ShopRite
• Stop & Shop
• SUPERVALU’s family of stores

Haley pointed to the massive infrastructural expansion in CSUHD’s retail base as the means to “increase the number of new retail customers”, and allow the Company to “achieve a significant level of revenue growth in 2010”.

With projected revenue for 2010 of $25M, and cash-flow breakeven status by the end of the year, CSUHD plans to tap further into grocery, drug and mass merchant sectors which will enhance the – as Haley put it – “steadily growing sales within The Company’s existing retail distribution base”.

Haley commended the work of additional sales personnel brought on board in mid-2009, saying they were doing a “great job of getting us onto more shelves throughout the country”, and he expressed similar praise for CSUHD’s marketing team and their broad-spectrum media approach to bringing the “product to a growing number of consumers”.

Also announced today was the approval for CSUHD’s common stock to list on NASDAQ, pending finalization of the Company’s secondary public offering.