The Center For Wound Healing, Inc. is a leading manager of comprehensive wound-care treatment centers. These centers offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOt) and traditional wound-care treatments. Headquartered in Tarrytown, New York, the company is part of the Specialized Health Services industry in the Healthcare sector.

In partnership with local acute care hospitals, The Center For Wound Healing manages 35 wound care centers in the eastern United States. The Company recently procured an $8 million working capital and term loan facility with Signature Bank. This replaces a $6 million line they previously had with the bank.

Founded by physicians in 1997, their centers have consistently achieved high treatment success rates. The result is an increase in patient quality of life and major cost savings to the healthcare system. The Company began with a focus on establishing in-hospital centers of excellence to treat the growing incidence of severe grade diabetic wounds of the lower extremities as well as treat wounds unresponsive to general wound care treatments.

In February, The Center for Wound Healing, Inc. announced financial results for the second quarter and six months of fiscal 2009, ended December 31, 2008. Total revenue for the Company was $7.6 million, up 17.1 percent compared to the second quarter fiscal 2008. Gross margin was 49.6 percent, up 300 basis points. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOt) treatments per center, per day, increased 8.0 percent. In addition, the company’s net loss decreased 45 percent to $804 thousand or ($0.03) per share and they had an EBITDA of $2.3 million, up 10.7 percent compared to the second quarter fiscal 2008.