As is typical of me, I saw gold making a significant move today so I tuned in to the Financial News channels to see what all the geniuses were saying about gold.  One commentator suggested gold was more than a safe haven now, it's a currency play, as the world's currencies all seem to be teetering on the brink of debasement.  Another said the technicals on Gold suggest it will hit $1300 as early as next week.  And still another reporter chimed in and said but today's volume is low so be careful.  Higher prices on lower volume can be dangerous to buy into.  Then as if the floodgates of gold news have opened, I also read two articles on gold.  One says Central Banks are now buying Gold and another states that gold still has a long way to rise.Ho Hum!  This is all old news to our loyal readers but you know I have to comment.  As far as gold being a currency play, of course as world currencies falter, investors move out of currencies and into something they deem safe.  Of late, investors have been escaping the Euro and into gold, U.S. Treasuries and maybe even the dollar as now the dollar is seen as one of the world's least weak of many other currencies.To the comment that we could see gold at $1300 as early as next week, we at Lear Capital have been saying for months, that we are in the gold-at-$1500-by-the-end-of-the-year camp.  Being it is half way through the year, it's about the right time to hit $1300, considering gold's propensity for a steady climb.  Here's my favorite one.  Gold is trading on low volume today so be careful.  (I paraphrased a little)  Low volume is often attributed to lack of buyers.  But given gold supply has notably run out a couple times in the last year or so, I say low volume can just as easily be attributed to lack of sellers.  Do you want to sell your gold today?I submit, people who own gold today do not own it so they can make a few points of return.  They own gold it because they are uncertain about the future of the world's economies.  Make no mistake, gold demand is on the rise.  The article today that finally acknowledges Central Bank demand, is indicative of my point.  I think the article is a little after-the-fact, myself, as much of what is talked about in the article occurred months ago.  Ok, so a couple new buyers were added to the list, I hardly think purchases by Kazakhstan and the Phillipines is more newsworthy than China, India and Russia all adding to their reserves months ago. The bottom line is there are many reasons to own gold in today's world of uncertainty.  Yes, gold is still a safe haven in times of market volatility.  Yes, gold is still an inflation hedge.  Yes, people buy gold coins because deficits are at record levels and debt is reaching the point of no return.  Other than that there are no real good reasons to own gold.