Ida, One of two beloved polar bears in Central Park, was euthanized because of cancer on Friday. She was 25.

Born in New York's Buffalo Zoo in 1985, Ida went to Central Park Zoo when she was two. She was loved by millions of visitors throughout the years.  

Ida was a great ambassador for all polar bears... No one could visit Ida without leaving more connected to the wonders of our planet, said New York City zoos director Jeff Sailer.

She will be greatly missed by the zoo staff, guests and her male companion, Gus. Gus, 24, is the only other polar bear at the zoo. He was often seen cuddling with Ida.  

Ida lived a relatively long life. Polar bears generally live to 18 years in the wild.

On Friday, Ida was euthanized after veterinarians found liver disease brought on by cancer. Before her euthanasia, Ida's zookeepers were allowed to share quiet time with her.