The live broadcast of the Century Solar Eclipse provided by Sina had attracted more than 30 million viewers in three hours, with the latest record breaking peak concurrent users of over 3.2 million, which is much more than the one million viewers of the 2008 Olympics, Broad net Beijing reported on Wednesday.

The total solar eclipse, which the longest in China in the 21st century, attracted more than 30 million viewers online due to the rain and pollution of some cities.

The astronomical phenomenon begun at 6:24 am in India (1: 54am in Italy) and then moved eastward reaching Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, ending in the Pacific Islands. At the moment of maximum intensity, the darkening of the sun lasted 6 minutes and 39 seconds, but in most of Asia the spectacle was ruined by bad weather.

The pollution in Beijing and bad weather in Shanghai ruined the party. In the capital, a gray blanket caused by pollution veiled the sky, obscuring the natural phenomenon to a large extent.

In the coastal city of Shanghai, where millions of Chinese and foreign tourists had gathered, a light drizzle persisted for the duration solar eclipse. The city in recent days had invested money and publicity to promote the event.

Taken all the factors into consideration, the best choice comes out as viewing the marvelous scene online.

According to the report from Broad net, Sina set up ten station of live broadcast in Tongling, Wuhan, Yixian, Jiaxing, Shanghai, etc. authoritative astronomy experts are invited to give explanations at the same time of the events happening, which is warly welcomed by the netizens.

Sina said more than 15 million netizens visited the feature of the Century Solar Eclipse through Sina mobile phone Channel.