Yesterday, Cereplast, Inc. announced that it had signed a distribution agreement with DMT Plasticolor. Under the agreement, Cereplast will supply their bioplastic resin materials Cereplast Compostables Resins and Cereplast Sustainables Resins to the Croatian market. The contract is a sign of demand for bioplastic materials in Europe, as is the fourth such contract that Cereplast has signed in 2011.

Cereplast, designs and manufactures bio-based plastics intended to replace petroleum-based plastics, increasing their sustainability. The materials can be used in the same manufacturing processes that traditional plastics can, such as injection molding and extrusion, while also remaining competitively priced.

These types of plastics, such as Cereplast Compostables, are desirable for single-use plastic application, such as food packaging, where the materials can be composted afterwards. The Cereplast Sustainables line is notable for being durable enough to be used in long-term plastics-based applications, such as automotive parts and consumer electronics.

“We’re proud to partner with DMT Plasticolor to help bring bioplastic materials to the Croatian market. This marks Cereplast’s fourth distribution agreement in 2011, a clear indication of a soaring market in Europe for bioplastic resin,” said Frederic Scheer, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Cereplast, Inc. “There are three main drivers for the surge in demand for bioplastics across Europe. First, consumer attitudes in Europe are favorable toward sustainable products and packaging; secondly, the composting structure in Europe is strong and developed; and, lastly, supportive governmental policies toward protecting and preserving the environment. These combined factors have collectively influenced exponential growth in bioplastic demand in the pan-European marketplace. Cereplast is well-positioned to meet and satisfy this growing demand in Europe.”

“This collaborative agreement with Cereplast enables us to expand our product offering and strengthens our position as a leading distributor of masterbatches in the Croatian region,” said Darko Ivan Oroz, Director of DMT Plasticolor. “We are committed to bringing our clients the best quality biobased plastics for the manufacturing of products and packaging.”