Every January, thousands of electronics manufacturers gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, the largest of its kind in the world. Companies roll out their finest gear, and show off their latest innovations, and this year is no different. Apple still won't be there, some devices will appear, create a buzz and then disappear and everyone gets to see what new items will be hot this summer when the go on sale. Actually, there is one big difference this year; Microsoft will be attending its last CES in 2012. Like Apple, they are a big enough company to do their own product launches with out CES. They'll likely attend the Mobile World Congress in February, but no more Vegas.

Smart TV's are the item to watch this year, but really a case could be made for smart devices in general from appliances to automobiles. Television wise, we could see the debut of Google TV and, of course, there will be some 3D HDTV's at the show with more comfortable, stylish glasses. Start the slideshow to see eight new devices you won't want to miss. Tell us in the comments if you are waiting for a particular device to drop at this year's show.

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