LAS VEGAS - At the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday, actress and CES ambassador Eliza Dushku spoke to two senior-level Samsung executives, asking them to help give to her charity Tharce-Gulu, which provides healing and comfort to victims of war in northern Uganda.

People are going in shooting their videos of their experience, we're having them do it and then editing their own videos and things like that, Dushku said. Just wanted to give you a heads-up and see if there was ever anything you guys were interested in supporting us with.

One of the executives told Dushku, as well as her current boyfriend and ex-Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox, that Samsung works with a lot of celebrities and their charities, and would be happy to discuss working with her in creating an event in the future.

Dushku asked the Samsung reps if they ever had old [devices], or what may be old to some people, that they would be willing to give to her charity.

We go [to Northern Uganda] often, Dushku said. We were there about six months ago and each time we go we document what we're doing. We're very loyal about who's talking about who's helping us.

On Dec. 30, 2011, Dushku's birthday, the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse actress asked her fans to donate to the Tharce-Gulu charity in lieu of presents.

We have done INCREDIBLE work since last year and I'll continue to update you with videos from our travels/cause! she said. Thank you, I appreciate, value and adore each and every last one of you.

Dushku, who made her first CES appearance last year, is this year's ambassador, to help people navigate the floor and Twitter about it and host parties and talk to people about gadgets they like.

As for this year? So far, so good, Dushku told IBTimes. It's very impressive.

When asked what she was most excited to do, Dushku replied that she and her boyfriend were going to go check out the OLED here at Samsung.

Dushku is somewhat of a tech nerd. She is very active on social media with roughly 1.1 million Twitter followers and more than 7,000 tweets, and she has lent her voice to five video games, including Saints Row 2 in 2008 and Fight Night Champion in 2011.

Dushku's next project is a movie she's making and starring in with her brother, Nate, about their hometown of Boston. She and Nate previously shot a documentary in Albania, where their father's family is from, and she also applied for Albanian citizenship in 2011. She is an honorary citizen in two of the country's cities, including her father's hometown of Korce.