CES 2012 in Photos: Weirdest of the Weird [SLIDESHOW]

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  • Cartoon Guy Loves Cars
    Trailing this guy as he entered CES, he walked at a very brisk pace until he finally arrived at the cars, where he then stopped to pose and make flashy hand gestures. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • Accessory Man
    Running low on battery at CES? This guy's got you covered. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • The Invisible Keyboard
    Have you ever seen an Invisible Keyboard? Of course you haven't! This company's idea for a keyboard does away with QWERTY and instead uses finger gestures and auto-fill to make writing sentences quick and easy. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • The Nikon Girls
    Color-coordinated Nikon girls aren't weird, but why does the girl in white have a cupcake on her head? Nikon raises more questions than answers here. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • Ball Robots
    A small fenced-off area had a bunch of balls rolling around a mat, while people controlled the balls with their iPhones. Instead of making the easy "playing with your balls" joke, I'd rather commend this product for taking a simple (but different) approach to remote-controlled toys. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • Energy + Workouts
    Forget solar and wind power. The future of alternative energy is treadmills! CES: Always ahead of the curve. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • iPod Dock
    This iPod/iPhone docking speaker from X-1, which makes the Apple device look like a jet pilot, is actually a three-speaker system that uses infrared sensor controls to control your music. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • For the Birds
    Just two birds hanging out at a booth in South Hall. Ironically, these guys are unable to perform the word behind their heads. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • Alien Arrives
    Somebody forgot to tell this guy that CES is a tech convention, not science fiction. Regardless, he fit in perfectly with the Sony crowd. Dave Smith/IBTimes
  • Robot Player = Smooth
    Behind 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. signing autographs was an android trying to pick up some CES chicks. With that slick set of wheels and sweet 'do, this robot's game is titanium-smooth. Dave Smith/IBTimes
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The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, held from Jan. 10-13, was the biggest tech convention yet. There were TVs, tablets, and gadgets to make the home a better, smarter and more comfortable place to live. There was a lot to like, but with a convention so massive, there were plenty of strange and unusual sights to see. From people dressed in costumes to offbeat gadgets and accessories, there was plenty of weird to go around at CES this year. In this slideshow, we bring you the weirdest of that weird. Please enjoy the photos.

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