NASCAR fans are having fun with Chad Norris, the new crew chief for Carl Edwards, for Norris' similar-sounding name to action star Chuck Norris by coming up with the hashtag #ChadNorrisFacts on Twitter.

Carl Edwards is struggling to start the 2012 NASCAR season, prompting the race car driver to replace crew chief Bob Osborne with Chad Norris, USA Today reported.

I have had the pleasure of working with Carl Edwards for the past nine years and, during that time, my focus has been building a championship-caliber program, Osborne said in a statement. I'm proud of the 18 wins we've had together in Sprint Cup Series competition and our two second-place points finishes.

Norris is not related to Walker, Texas Ranger star and Internet phenomenon Chuck Norris, whose eponymous Chuck Norris facts (for example, Chuck Norris doesn't mow his lawn. He just stands there and dares the grass to grow) is popular on the web.

This has led Twitter to go wild with creativity Tuesday using the hashtag #ChadNorrisFacts about Carl Edwards' new crew chief.

Here are some of the best #ChadNorrisFacts tweets about Chad Norris so far:

Once Chad Norris made an engine swap....with his bare hands #ChadNorrisFacts (Roush Fenway Racing)

Chad Norris puts the five lugnuts in his mouth, spits them onto the tires and they tighten themselves. #ChadNorrisFacts (Jason Remillard)

Unlike Carl Edwards, Chad Norris doesn't need to backflip. He simply hops in the air and the universe revolves around him. #ChadNorrisFacts (Jay Busbee)

Most people think Ben Franklin discovered electricity. It was actually Chad Norris. #ChadNorrisFacts (Deborah Lom)

The next season of The Amazing Race will instead be The Amazing Chad Norris. #ChadNorrisFacts (Deborah Lom)

Chad Norris doesn't adjust Carl's car, the car adjusts itself for Chad Norris. #ChadNorrisFacts (Wesley Slates)

Chad Norris is actually the name of Chuck Norris' beard. #ChadNorrisFacts (@Writerofghosts)

Chad Norris has a grizzly bear rug in his living room. The bear isn't dead. It's just afraid to move. #ChadNorrisFacts (David Caraviello)

In 2004, Chad Norris was the Crew Chief on Air Force One. #ChadNorrisFacts (Mike Calinoff)

Chad Norris once changed all 4 tires, added 2 cans of fuel, ate a sandwich, bag of chips, & drank a Pepsi in 13 seconds. #ChadNorrisFacts (@TheOrangeCone)

Chad Norris once ran a lap at Michigan International Speedway of over 210 mph. Then, he attempted it in a race car. #ChadNorrisFacts (@nascarcasm)

Christopher Nolan asked Chad Norris to cameo in The Dark Knight Rises, but it wasn't a big enough picture for him. #ChadNorrisFacts (Billy Fellin)