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We all know the guy who goes to McDonald's, orders a number seven with Diet Coke, plus a Big Mac and hot apple pie on the side.

Now, maybe he'd rethink that order if he knew the INSANE amount of calories he was stuffing down his throat. That's the idea at least.

Last week, major U.S. chain restaurants announced plans to disclose calorie count on their menus.

Restaurants with 20 or more locations will post the number of calories per food item on their menu, and make available other nutrition information such as sugar, salt and cholesterol. The move is backed by restaurants like Red Lobster and Olive Garden chains.

The United States Congress may actually attach the menu labeling law to health reform legislation, to be discussed in the upcoming weeks. Surprisingly, the initiative is supported by both Republican and Democratic senators, saying it will help consumers make more informed decisions about their food.

This might be a waste of ink. A Twinkie has all its nutrition facts printed right there on the package, but people still eat it! Then again, I guess it can't hurt.

Especially since other calorie-on-menus laws have actually worked. In New York City, a survey of 100 women revealed 55% of women order less now that they know what's in their food.

To get calories on your state's menus, check out: Please Support Menu Labeling.

Via Reuters.