Following countless finals, grueling visits to the pit and house drama, three teams made their way to "The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines" final on Wednesday's installment of the MTV series. While the overall winners were not revealed in episode 12, the remaining cast members, which include Cara Maria and Jamie, Jenna and Brianna, and Mitch and Cory, were shown competing in the first half of the final. Find out which team came out on top.

A Surprise Guest

After partying it up ahead of the final challenge the cast gets a note from host TJ Lavin that his friend will be stopping by their hotel room in Berlin the following day. When a man named Fronz makes an appearance, he introduces himself as a tailor, confusing the finalists. He proceeds to take their measurements. Jamie jokes the measurements may be for a body bag. 

When the cast steps outside after their fitting, they find a limo waiting for them. Cara Maria says the nice treatment they’re receiving means they’re in for a nasty final challenge.

Prize Money Reveal

The limo takes the finalists to the first half of the challenge. TJ announces that unlike previous season, this year's final will take in the "heart of a major city" and will have five different stages. At each stage, the teams will be timed. At the end of the final whichever team has the fastest time will be declared the winner.

For the first time, TJ also reveals what the first-place team will receive — $250,000. Second-place will get $75,000 and the third-place winners will get $25,000. TJ says the contestants have to finish the challenge in order to get paid.

First Leg

The first stage takes the teams to an abandoned building in Berlin. They’re told they must complete four checkpoints inside the complex. Before moving on to a new checkpoint, they must run a lap around the woods outside of the building while carrying a heavy bag.

Mitch and Cory initially take the lead but the team quickly hits a speed bump when the strap on Mitch’s heavy bag breaks. Cara Maria and Jamie make it to the checkpoint first with Jenna and Brianna tailing them. They teams are told they must role six barrels up a hill and stack them at another location. When Cory and Mitch show up, they’re two barrels behind the other teams.

Cara Maria and Jamie finish the initial checkpoint first and Jenna and Brianna place second. Cory and Mitch drop to the floor during the second loop with the heavy bags and Cory says the challenge is the “hardest thing” he’s ever done.

Despite finishing first, Cara and Jamie start to fade on the trail and Jenna and Brianna pass them.

Jenna and Brianna make it up to the second checkpoint first. The second challenge, Flip Fop, has the teams using a human catapult to flip a glass cup into a barrel. Each player must score to move on. For every shot they miss, the players must drink a non-alcoholic beer. After a few tries, Jenna and Brianna manage to get two cup into the barrel. Jenna says she feels confident they can beat Cara Maria and Jamie and win.

When Cara Maria and Jamie arrive shortly after, Jamie gets a glass after a few tries but gets sick from the amount of liquid in his system. Cara Maria tries to make herself sick to fit more liquid into her stomach and gets emotional when she can’t. Cara Maria calls the checkpoint a "carnival game" and worries her endurance training will not come into play in the finals. Cara Maria finally get a glass in the barrel after several tries.

When Cory and Mitch arrive to the checkpoint, they’re excited. Cory says chugging beers is a “gift, not a task.”

After Brianna and Jenna get to the third checkpoint, they learn they have to arrange a series of blocks so that they’re flush with a puzzle board. In route to the checkpoint, Jamie says he’s “miserable.” Before he and Cara Maria arrive, Jenna and Brianna complete the puzzle.

Despite being admittedly bad at puzzles, Cara Maria figures out the third checkpoint in a short period of time and the team continues on. Cory and Mitch arrive last and also complete the puzzle fairly quickly.

Brianna says at this point, she's feeling confident with her and Jenna's performance. Brianna says they have been able to get to far in the challenge because they push each other.

When Brianna and Jenna make to the fourth checkpoint, they discover they must build a bridge out of tires all the way around the building. After making it several feet, the girls throw their second tire too far, Brianna's foot touches the floor and they're forced to start over.

When Cara Maria and Jamie arrive, Jenna and Brianna are halfway through their second round on the course. Despite the cousin team catching up to them, Jenna and Briana finish the first leg with a big win.

“Who would have thought the girl-girl team would be coming in first so far?” Jenna says.

jennabrianna-1 Jenna and Brianna defeated their competition in the first half of the "The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines" final. Photo: MTV

Cara Maria and Jamie come in second. "The Challenge" veteran tells her cousin the "janky games” caused them not to win the first-place spot.

With the other two teams done, Cory and Mitch continue on to the last checkpoint. Cory almost falls off the tire during the final couple of feet in the challenge, but the team manages to complete the game without a hiccup. Cory says he knows they’re behind the other teams by an hour and he will not be satisfied if they win last place.

Next Week

The cast gets back into the limo after completing the first leg of the final. The teams say they have no idea where the second part will take them in the city. Cara Maria said the show could "throw anything" their way.

Jenna says she envisions the rest of the final will include swimming and bicycling. Her biggest fear, she says, is that the finals will include an eating challenge. Unfortunately for her, a teaser clip of the next episode shows the girls chowing down on some blood soup.

"The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.