MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” episode 5 begins right where episode 4 left off. With another win under the red team’s belt, the blue team must nominate one of their male competitors to send into elimination. The red team must also pick one male to compete in the pit.

The blue team deliberates back at the house. Being new to the game, Abram’s brother Mike volunteers to go into the pit, but the team ignores his request. Nany says she wants Raphy in the elimination to break up the rookie alliance. The team decides to take a break from deliberation and Nany secretly convinces several team members to vote in Raphy. 

Johnny Bananas says the red team is considering sending in Cory’s cousin Mitch. Johnny says sending in Mitch will perfectly break up the rookie alliance. 

When the rookies catch wind of the elimination plans, they decide to reach out to veteran Aneesa for help swinging the votes. Corey says he feels he has Anessa on his side due to their previous romance, and thinks he can save Mitch by giving her a little attention. When Corey talks to Aneesa, he tries to get her to vote for Mike. Anessa says she’s undecided about her vote.


Despite several blue team members voting in Mike, the group decides to send Raphy into the pit. Aneesa also votes for Raphy. Dario says he’s not upset and has full confidence his twin brother can beat anyone on their team. 

When the red team begins voting, Raphy and Dario lash out. Dario tells the females on the red team he’s not scared of them. Nany tells the rookies to “know your role,” and Dario says Nany’s role is “on Johnny’s lap.” Johnny remains quiet during the altercation, but slams the rookies when it comes time to share his vote.

“It’s unfortunate that the blue team got to vote in Raphy because I wanted to have the pleasure of doing that,” Johnny says. “Some motherf-----s do need to know their f---ing role.”

Mitch is eventually voted into the pit by the red team to go up against Raphy. 

House Drama

While returning to the house, Johnny excitedly yells, “Someone’s going home tomorrow.” Dario gets in Johnny’s face and asks him if he wants to “scrap.” Johnny compares his fellow competitor to the cartoon character Bart Simpson and laughs off his upset. Raphy responds to the chaos by telling Nany to “shut up,” which sends her into a rage. 

When Corey confronts Aneesa about her vote, he says he's disappointed. Anessa says she played with her mind, not her heart.

Racist Accusations

During a night out, Nany and Aneesa agree that they deserve to make it to a final and plan to get KellyAnne, who has been flirting with the rookies, eliminated. Later, Aneesa tells KellyAnne to “grow up." KellyAnne responds by calling her a “b----“ and the two go at it. When KellyAnne asks Aneesa why she’s so upset, Aneesa throws a drink at her. 

“You can’t get mad at a crazy person for being crazy,” KellyAnne says of the attack.

Watch Aneesa and KellyAnne's fight below:


When Aneesa approaches KellyAnne for a second time during the outing, Aneesa says she didn’t appreciate being called names. KellyAnne says she just calls it like she sees it. Aneesa responds by criticizing KellyAnne’s looks, saying she looks much older than she is. KellyAnne goes on to talk about Anessa’s “black skin” and touches her face. Aneesa shoves KellyAnne and calls her “a racist anoxeric.”

Back at the house, the rookies tells KellyAnne she was in the wrong for her "black skin" comment. Mitch comforts KellyAnne when she cries over the incident and not being a “fan favorite” anymore.

The next morning, KellyAnne says she wishes she hadn’t said anything to Aneesa. Aneesa says she feels “broken” and that’s she’s not proud of what she did. 


Cory warns Mitch he needs to perform during the pit battle in order to stay in the game. Mitch tells his cousin he will do his best to win. Raphy says he’s not looking to form any friendships if he returns to the house. 

Host TJ Lavin tells the competitors they will put on harnesses and play “My Way or the Highway.” He says the contestant who pulls an opponent's chain passed their mark first wins. 

Despite Raphy seeming like the front-runner going into the challenge, the house notices Mitch may have a chance when they see Raphy’s playing the game wrong by pulling the chain with his arms, instead of using his whole weight. 

When Mitch falls down mid-challenge, Dario thinks his brother has won the game and begins to celebrate. He chest bumps Raphy, not realizing the challenge is still in session. When TJ tells him Raphy did not win, Mitch manages to pull Raphy’s chain and walk away the winner. 

“I got a little excited and I bumped him and that was my fault,” Dario admits.

Mitch celebrates his victory, saying he feels like he just won the Super Bowl.

At the end of the pit, the house thinks TJ is going to announce another game-changing twist, but he simply dismisses the contestants. 

So, what’s next for the Bloodlines? Fans will have to stay tuned! “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodines” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.