Wednesday’s “The Challenge: Rivals 3” kicked off exactly where last week’s cliffhanger ended. Episode 9 opens with host T.J. Lavin announcing to the remaining teams they must complete a puzzle based of the wacky events they witnessed during the Up All Night challenge in episode 8. Relive the drama and elimination that went down in the latest Season 28 installment below!

Up All Night Continues

“Let Sleeping Dogs Wake” starts with the sleep-deprived players trying to arrange puzzle pieces named after the events from the previous night in the order of how they happened and also answer trivia questions about said events. Dario struggles, saying he doesn’t remember anything. Meanwhile, Sarah and Johnny Bananas prove their power as a team by finishing first. 

After the other teams lock in, it comes down to Nany and Dario and Wes and Nany, but its Johnny’s longtime nemesis who finds himself on the chopping block. When Wes and Nany lose, they earn a one-way ticket to the jungle. With Johnny and Sarah as the new power couple, Wes predicts they’re going to make his life “hell” leading up to the next elimination.

Sarah and Bananas not only win the challenge, T.J. also gives them $1,000 each and a day trip, but there’s a catch. TJ says they must pick two other teams to go on the trip and both teams will be safe from elimination. The duo decides to take Vince, Johnny’s cousin, and his teammate Jenna. Cory and Ashley win the final spot.

Winner Dinner

During their power couple celebration dinner, Johnny and Sarah agree they can’t believe how well the worked together. Sarah says she feels she’s repaired her relationship with Johnny and hopes she can win the entire season to “repay” him for the win she “stole” from him in “Exes 2.” 

“Business Trip”

Johnny and Vince prepare for their day trip but Johnny makes it clear it is not all fun and games, calling it a “business trip.” Johnny says he needs to hear certain things from Cory going forward. Meanwhile, Cory says he’s feeling good about his lack of drama this season and think his team will be the final three. Johnny later drops a bombshell, telling the cameras he only made an alliance with Cory and Ashley to earn their trust. 

“From day one my cousin and I have been waiting for the moment that we can slit his throat the way he did us last season,” Johnny says, recalling when Cory voted them into elimination during “Bloodlines.” 

Anti-Bananas Alliance

With three teams outside the house, Wes tells his fellow teammates they need to work together to take out Bananas and Sarah and Vince and Jenna, or face going up all of them in the finals. Dario says they need to put them into every jungle in hopes one of them eventually messes up. 


When it comes time for Johnny and Sarah to decide which teams to send into elimination, Johnny announces they picked the teams based on strategy. After picking Devin and Cheyenne they send in KellyAnne and Jamie, who are upset by the decision. Jamie, who won last season, says it’s clear his fellow players are underestimating him. Jamie says if he comes back from the jungle he will go after Johnny because he feels disrespected.

The Jungle

At the elimination Cheyenne and Devin are safe after failing to pull a black skull in the jungle, leaving KellyAnne and Jamie to go up against Wes and Nany. The bottom two teams are tasked with playing Hear Me Out, a soccer game which requires the contestants to rely on their teammate’s verbal directions to score goals while playing blindfolded.  

The girls go first and Nany says she recognizes the game will take a lot of communication, but they’re determined to win. After a long heat, Nany gets the first goal.

During the boys heat, Wes says he cannot hear Nany’s directions and Jamie scores. To break the tie, T.J. flips a coin to decide who will participate in a third heat. Both male competitors want another chance to play, and their wish is granted.

Despite knowing the majority of the house wants him gone, Wes gets the third goal in during the final heat and wins. Wes says after their win he’s going to play politics for the remainder of the game.


Post-elimination, Johnny says he’s scared about possibly having to face Vince in the jungle. The episode ends with Wes and Devin speaking in private and revealing Johnny’s worst nightmare is their big plan. 

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