Champions Biotechnology, Inc., a leader in the development of advanced preclinical platforms and tumor-specific data to enhance and accelerate the value of oncology drugs, recently announced that the company has secured an agreement with Ortho Biotech Oncology Research & Development for the evaluation of a novel preclinical oncology therapeutic in Champions’ Biomerk Tumorgraft™ platform.

Preliminary studies show that Tumorgrafts closely reflect human cancer biology and their response to drugs is predictive of clinical outcomes in cancer patients. The company utilizes its preclinical platform to evaluate potential drugs and to create a portfolio of novel therapeutic candidates. After completing early-stage development, Champions Biotechnology intends to sell, partner or license the company’s portfolios to pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology companies.

Doug Burkett, Ph.D., president of Champions Biotechnology, Inc., stated, “We are excited to expand this ongoing collaboration in the development of innovative therapeutics in oncology. We continue to grow our customer base and revenues within our Preclinical eValuation business.” He continued, “Our Biomerk Tumorgraft™ models offer a more predictive preclinical platform to enhance and accelerate oncology drug development. Evaluations in our Tumorgraft models are expected to enable the identification of the most promising development path by focusing on indication, drug combinations, target patient populations and biomarker discovery.”