Champions Biotechnology Inc. focuses on oncology drug developments and preclinical platforms and data to enhance and accelerate the value of those drugs. The company today announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Yale University and Southern Research Institute for the development of Bithionol for cancer treatment.

According to scientists from Yale and Southern Research, Bithionol, which is available for parasitic infections, shows activity against solid cancerous tumors and may be effective in treating melanoma, prostate, breast, lung and other cancers.

Per the agreement, Yale and Southern Research will receive an upfront payment, as well as milestone payments and royalties; Champions has exclusive rights for continued development of Bithionol for all oncology applications, and will use its predictive Biomerk Tumorgraft platform to determine optimal applications and efficient clinical development. If Champions is able to deliver results, the company will conduct human clinical trials.

“We are excited to work with Champions’ experienced scientific team to translate these promising early findings towards a meaningful clinical program by leveraging Champions’ preclinical platform,” Demetrios Braddock, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of pathology in Yale School of Medicine and the Yale inventor of the licensed technology, stated in the press release.

For Champions, Bithionol marks the company’s third compound in-licensed into its pipeline of oncology compounds. According to Nancy M. Gray, Ph.D., vice president of Corporate Development for Southern Research Institute, the collaboration with Champions correlates with the institute’s quest for oncology advancements.

“It is gratifying to see the work of Southern Research and Yale scientists being channeled in this way, and to hopefully lead to the development of another new drug for cancer patients,” Dr. Gray stated. “This licensing opportunity with the Champions team fits quite well within Southern Research’s own mission of conducting basic and translational research that ultimately leads to the approval of a new drug.”