In the United States our love of football can sometimes blind us to the sport the world loves the most, futbol. But the Chelsea's 2-2 draw with Barcelona that saw them advance to the Champions League Final reminded the world which sport truly is king.

Tweets per second peaked at 13,684 during the game, knocking off the 12,233 during the climax of the 2012 Super Bowl when the Giants passed the Patriots with a late touchdown for a 21-17 victory in February.

The total is the highest ever tweets per second rating for sporting event. The Super Bowl had 13.7 million tweets sent during the game, Twitter did not keep a total for the Champion's League Semifinal so it is impossible to compare, but there was likely a similar number.

This is not the first time soccer has held this record. Before the 2012 Super Bowl, the record was held by the FIFA Woman's World Cup Final which saw Japan knock out team USA on penalties. That game had 7,196 tweets per second.

None of these games comes even close to the record for any single event of 25,088 tweets per second. That record is held by the broadcast of the movie Castle in the Sky, on national television in Japan.

Soccer will have another chance to push their number even higher when Chelsea meets Bayern Munich on May 19 in the Champions League Final.