Ever fashionable black was the theme of Chanel's 2009/10 Fall-Winter Collection.

The luxury house's head designer Karl Lagerfield even named the homage

to black collection Chanel Belle Brummelle. He explains that it is a

reference to Beau Brummell, the 18th century dandy who invented the

look for men of dark clothes with the focal point on ties, scarves,

collars and cuffs. He goes on to explain that the collection is an

extension of the look, filled with ruffled collars and cuffs in white

tulle, muslin and taffeta.

Each black suit or dress is embellished with removable ruffles with at

the neck or wrist. Inspired by art deco, accessories are bold geometric

shapes that contrast from the detailing. Also on the runway were

Chanel's classic bags, updated with pockets for iPods, a No5 perfume

and sunglasses. Making an occasional appearance alongside the black

were delicate shades of pink and green that served to offset the black.

All of the detailing combined with the lightweight and billowing

materials served to soften the effect of black, which can seem austere

in some settings.


fabrics of chiffon, taffeta and cashmere with flowers and hats marched

down the runway, at the Grand Palais. The minimalist décor of black and

white walls were a modern yet classic way of offsetting the models and

evoked Chanel's couture salons as easily as an art gallery.

Celebrity fans of Chanel at the show included everyone from

Beth Ditto to Milla Jovovich, Olga Kurylenko, Kate Moss, Freida Pinto

and Lily Allen.