Luxury Watches: The J12 collection has long been a favorite of watch aficionados, but at Baselworld this year, Chanel released its decision to enhance the timepieces even further by forming a partnership with Audemars Piguet, one of the most prestigious Swiss Fine Watch-making manufacturers. This partnership has lead to the creation of a redesigned and reinvigorated J12 more captivating than the industry thought possible.

Noir Intense, or Intense Black, aptly labels this timekeeping masterpiece, which is home to an automatic, three-hand Fine Watch-making movement. The fusion of the AP 3120 movement and Chanel's J12 ceramic led to the 3125 movement for which Chanel redesigned the balance bridge and the rotor in gold, crowned with black ceramic. The result is the high-performance Chanel-AP 3125.

But apart from wearing the piece and experiencing its precision and quality of technology on your wrist, the immediate impact of the exterior design is unparalleled. Joining the ranks of the most sought-after precious materials is ceramic, known for its resilience and sleek aesthetic, and the J12 Noir Intense isn't shy with its use.

Because ceramic requires the same skill-sets, the same cutting techniques and the same technological respect as do fine gems and stones, it has come to be regarded in the same respect, which lends itself to its now incredibly high value in the industry. Each of the baguette-cut ceramic pieces that find their home either on the dial, in the bracelet, on the bezel or watchcase of the Noir Intense has been treated with the same precision handwork that would be awarded a Chanel diamond or ruby.

The striking J12 Noir Intense is completed with 713 insets and made entirely of 18k white gold and ceramic. The timepiece echoes Chanel's exclusive and lavish nature in a limited edition of only 5 exceptionally crafted pieces.

Where the J12 Noir Intense makes a bold and dramatic statement, the J12 Haute Joaillerie limited editions are undeniably sexy and extravagant. With the combination of some of the most coveted precious materials on earth, the watches are designed to last for generations while keeping their luxurious status for longer.

The Haute Joaillerie comes in three watchcase sizes: 42mm, 38mm and 33mm, each in a numbered, limited edition of 12 pieces. Both 42 and 38mm models contain automatic movements while a high precision quartz movement is reserved for the 33mm size.

/ The 713 insets are diamonds this time, with a total weight of 43 carats, which adorn the case, dial, bezel, crown and bracelet for an impact that is nothing short of breathtaking.

As a line, J12 is all encompassing and decidedly luxurious, with a watch design to fit any and all personalities. More reserved timepieces, accented with precious materials stand as day-to-day watches, while the newly released Noir Intense is a distinguished and sophisticated guest perfect for a special event. While each of the pieces are praise-worthy, it is no doubt that the critics and enthusiasts alike will be drawn to the high profiles of both the Noir Intense and Haute Joaillerie editions.