Designer Jewelry: Chanel Ultra collection of jewelry is a shimmering fusion of black and white ceramic set amid a sparkling sea of diamonds and white gold.

The new Chanel Ultra campaign invites luxury jewelry lovers into the Ultra Universe, where the blackest black of deep space gives way to a sea of sparkling stars. This black and white vision is reflected in the jewelry collection that has been designed to complement the Chanel J12 line of watches.

Because Chanel's jewelry collections are traditional, the Ultra collection represents Chanel's first foray into more contemporary and sporty jewelry designs. Ceramic is a material just beginning to appear in a variety of style applications and the fusion with luxurious materials helps to appear to have a sheen nearly as shiny as its accompanying gemstones.

Favorites from the collection include a tiered ring in 18k, available in either black or white ceramic and diamonds in either a large or medium version. Variations of the ring include different cuts of diamonds or eliminating the precious gemstones all together in favor of more white gold. The same style and options can also be found in matching bracelets and stands out especially well in a thick cuff.

Despite the strict focus on a very modern black and white color scheme, Chanel Ultra still manages to maintain a classically Chanel appeal.

The new line of Chanel Ultra features a range of rings, necklaces, bracelets and cuff links in either or both black and white ceramic, with or without diamonds.

For LxM Carly Zinderman