The Florida park announced on Thursday that the popular 2010 animated hit, Despicable Me, will become Universal Orlando's newest attraction, featured in high definition 3-D.  During the web announcement, the park stated that the attraction will bring minions, mayhem and a whole new level of 3-D family fun to its guests.

The Despicable Me experience will replace Jimmy Neutron, which is set to close in August.

Despicable Me will become the first Universal animated film to be made into a theme park experience.  The film earned $540 million at the box office and is the sixth most successful film that Universal Pictures has ever distributed.

The theme park adaptation will transform the audience into minions, train them, and then set them out on a mischievous adventure.  Universal explained that you will experience everything through the minion's eyes.

At Islands of Adventure, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man will get an extended plot and an upgrade to 4K digital high definition.

Across town in Disney's Magic Kingdom, the ever-changing Fantasyland Expansion continues.  Many of the princess' houses have been scrapped for less girly rides like a Seven Dwarves Mine Train.  Other new attractions include a Storybook Circus, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and Beast's Castle (from Beauty and the Beast).