Charlie Sheen may just have tried his producer’s patience at Two and a Half Men. The 45-year-old, has been living it up at Las Vegas for the weekends. He was spotted drinking heavily in the company of adult film actresses, according to

He was staying at the The Palms Hotel, in the $40,000-a-night Hugh Hefner Sky Villa inside the hotel's fantasy tower and was heard complaining to fellow bar patrons that CBS execs have been urging him to go to rehab, reports the website.

The star has been causing a lot of concern with his bizarre uncontrolled behavior. He recently had a meltdown in a New York hotel in October after which he was forced to hire a sober coach. The reports that he has ditched his sober coach since the new year.

The site added both Warner Bros and CBS TV want him to enter rehab and are ready to even shut down production on the series on Friday , if he agreed, but Sheen who lost a lot of weight during his binge has threatened to sue if they stop production. Charlie Sheen is reportedly the highest earning TV actor for 2010.

His rep was quick to confirm to and others that Charlie was back and had reported for work on the sets. Charlie Sheen arrived at work today and is there as I send this, the publicist said, offering a bit of advice to the media. Memo to Chicken Little: The sky remains in place.

The 'sky' aka Charlie Sheen seems to falling down a little too often.